Fluoride in our Drinking Water?

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As an Independent member of the South Australian Parliament I am gravely concerned about the practice of forced fluoridation. There is so much published and peer reviewed research done on the long-term harms of fluoride that it may well be the biggest health fraud of our time.  How many of us even knew that it was sodium fluoride that was being put into our water supply and not the naturally occurring calcium fluoride? And how many of us knew that sodium fluoride was a waste product of the aluminum and phosphate industries? Well I did not know any of this until I started investigating for myself.

It is important that people are left to make up their own minds on the evidence of an issue.  The problem is that so many simply do not know where to look or how to look for it and they also do not know the people behind the information. So do we believe that governments all over this country are literally poisoning our water supply? Well, further on this page is compelling evidence that our water is being poisoned, that it is for commercial gain and that government Ministers for decades have been deceived by health officials and, let’s face it, this wouldn’t be the first time that they have got it wrong.  It also would not be the first time that governments have made decisions in the interests of corporations above the interests of the people they are paid to serve.

I have done my best to provide the most accessible evidence to readers of this page to inform you of what has been happening in South Australia since 1968.  Research goes back more than 40 years about the harmful effects of sodium fluoride. To read a recent a speech I made in the Legislative Council in which I called upon the Minister for Health to attend the Public Meeting in Mount Gambier and also provided an overview of this research, please click here. To read key statements by and watch interviews with Dr W. Hurzy Phd, Dr A. K. Susheela PhD and Dr P. Mullenix PhD, click here. I also encourage you to read 50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation by Professor Paul Connett PhD, the director of Fluoride Action Network, The Fluoride Fraud by P. Clavell Blount, the Chairman of the London Anti-Fluoridation Campaign, and a letter to the European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy by Douglas Cross, the Director of UK Councils Against Fluoridation. I also recommend a well reasoned article by D. Cross PhD and R. Carton PhD, entitled Fluoridation: A Violation of Medical Ethics and Human Rights, which was published in the peer-reviewed International Journal of Occupation Environmental Health.

Below is an email sent from Dr Doug. N. Everingham, a former Health Minister in the Whitlam Government, sent to the current South Australian Health Minister, Mr John Hill, in support of a Mount Gambier resident campaigning against fluoride:

From: Doug Everingham
Sent: Monday, 16 August 2010 6:28 AM
To: minister.health@health.sa.gov.au; minister.conlon@saugov.sa.gov.au;

Subject: Request

Dear SA Health Minister Hon John Hill MP and Acting Health Minister Hon Patrick Conlan MP

I respond to the request (copied below) of hunger striker Alex Young. 

As a family doctor some 55 years ago I accepted the assurance of the (largely anglophone countries') health professional authorities that water fluoridation is safe.  Some patients brought to my attention works by Waldbott, former allergy section head of the US AMA, documenting hypersensitivity to fluoride, Steyn documenting increased incidence of endemic hypothyroidism with regional fluoride concentration,  and Professor Sir Arthur Amies, dean of dentistry in Melbourne, documenting with Dr P R N Sutton, epidemiological statistics exposing the failure of fluoridation promoters to correct survey faults.  

US federal authorities were less than cautious in assessing the commercial value of finding that fluoride waste products from aluminium and phosphate industries became a valued commodity rather than a source of agricultural and other legal compensation clams.  Improvements in dental caries control were often lacking in double blind surveys, or improperly attributed to water fluoridation while other measures (regional affluence, improving diet, dental hygiene, and topical fluoride in dental practices and toothpaste) were more significant, and swallowed fluoride ineffective. 

There is more objective investigation of incidence of bone and joint problems, intellectual and other cumulative ill effects of fluoridation in mainland Europe  than in fluoridating countries.  There is a reluctance to include critical research and researchers in official investigations, for example in the delay in Harvard's releasing Bassin's findng of young males' osteosarcoma incidence. 

However, official recognition of hazards is improving.  Fluoridated water is not recommended for reconstituting infant milk products or for renal dialysis.

There is a growing argument for lowering the tolerated level of natural fluoride in water supplies, often set at around four times the 'optimum' recommended level. 

There is still no official recommended minimum daily total fluoride intake required to prevent fluorosis - perfect sets of teeth are found among fluoride-'deficient' communities, and no 'optimally' fluoridated community is free of massive decay cases requiring general anaesthetic dental clearances.

In my view there is a case for ceasing fluoridation of water supplies pending surveys of fluoride intake in particular demographic groups, statistically sound review of unduly discredited equivocal findings of fluoridation related incidence of adverse conditions including dental fluorosis. 

Doug. N. Everingham  MB, BS 

Whitlam Government Health Minister 1972-75

Recent Interview with Dr Doug Everingham

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends lowering water fluoridation levels

Due to the increased exposure to fluoride, with it being added to many of our foods and cosmetic products not just our drinking water, and the evidence of the accumulative effects of fluoride consumption, including an increase of dental fluorosis amongst adolescents, on the 7 January 2011 the U.S. Department of Helath lowered the maximum amount of fluoride allowed in drinking water to 0.7ppm, down from 1.2ppm. As a result, the U.S. Environment Protection Agency has foreshadowed that it will also be revising its guidelines on fluoride in drinking water. Below are two Letters to the Editor of the Sunraysia Daily regarding the lowering of the guidlines:

Letters to the Editor of Sunraysia Daily (14 January 2011)

In the Unites States and Canada any scientist that has followed the protocols of scientific research and found that fluoride was a toxic substance if ingested has been treated more like a “whistleblower” than a scientist of integrity. The European Court ruled in May 2000 that forced fluoridation was in fact unethical because it was a form of forced, mass medication and it was not the business of any government to determine whether persons should be dosed for an illness that they we may or may not suffer from.

Some people suffer from fluoride sensitivity and may suffer adverse effects of water fluoridation such as people with kidney dysfunction, sensitive skin, asthma and other everyday illnesses. One of the disturbing facts about sodium fluoride – apart from it being a highly poisonous substance found in rat poison and pesticides – is that there are strong links between fluoride and osteoporosis, bone cancer in young boys, disruption of the production of important endorphins such as serotonin and melatonin (serotonin fights off depression and melatonin regulates sleep), dental fluorosis (pitting, staining and weakening of the structure of the teeth), and also as a neurotoxin linked to Alzeihmer’s, behavioural disorders and ADD/ADHD.  If we stop and think about the most recent illnesses and disorders that are not explained by modern medicine for the increasing occurrence these are the illnesses and disorders that we hear the most about.

Shouldn't we be given a choice?

Where is our choice? Many residents of Mount Gambier have been asking this questions since this Labor Government announced its decision to fluoridate the water from the Blue Lake. The local action group, Choice Mount Gambier, has collected over 11,000 signatures across two petitions, one of which reads:

Choice Mount Gambier Petition

To the Honourable the Members of the House of Assembly in Parliament assembled -

The Petition of the undersigned residents of Mount Gambier and Districts considering regional difference.


We draw the attention of your Honourable House to the fact that SA Health State Oral Health Plan Public Consultation Meeting as held in Mount Gambier on 8 July 2005 was inadequate. Health Minister John Hill has often referred to this meeting and the three submissions received as alleged support for Mount Gambier Blue Lake water supply to be fluoridated. To date only one submission supported fluoridation.

By way of example of what should take place - S.4(1A)of the Queensland Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies Act 1963 allowed for provision for local councils to conduct a poll prior to water supplies being fluoridated:

Addition of fluorine to public water supplies

4.(1) Subject to this Act a local government may add fluorine to any public water supply under its control.

(1A) Subsection (1) applies subject to the Local Government Act 1993, chapter 6, part 2 so that a local government shall not be authorised by this Act to add fluorine to a public water supply under its control if at a poll taken pursuant to the part the number of votes against is greater than the number of votes in favour of the addition of fluorine to the public water supply in question.

This good provision was not carried over in the Queensland Water Fluoridation Act 2008 which superseded aforementioned Queensland Act of 1963. Brisbane was fluoridated in December 2008.

The State of South Australia has no pertinent water fluoridation legalisation or Code of Practice. The decision to fluoridate and thus to ingest a known toxic chemical, regardless of concentration, has therefore been made administratively without regards to personal autonomy or choice. By virtue of ingestion this issue is also a consumer issue. The fluoride ion cannot be regulated at the tap. When the fluoride ion is introduced into a public water supply such a decision is classified as far reaching and is attributed to clinical dosing to which the Minister has no power.


Your petitioners request that your Honourable House will urge the Government to take immediate action in halting the development of the Mount Gambier fluoridation plant until such a time that the will of the Mount Gambier Community be ascertained proper by way of a Community referendum or poll. Such a referendum or poll should be conducted either by State or local government in a manner that upholds community choice and good governance.

There are numerous medical and dental professionals around the world who have spoken out (3,147 have signed a petition) because they claim that scientific evidence on the harms of fluoride has been ignored and/or buried to allow for the continuation of this “outdated and unethical practice”.  Some even go so far as to say that dental statistics are “doctored” to justify the expansion of fluoridation when studies show that the levels of tooth decay between fluoridated and non fluoridated regions do not differ.

Interesting Fluoride Videos



The original decision to use sodium fluoride was not made after the health benefits had been identified, in fact it was just the opposite. We should be concerned that fluoride – a powerful and accumulative  neurotoxin – was first sold to government by the aluminium and superphosphate industries because the emissions from the chimney stacks was identified as being a pollutant. Dr. Harold Hodge was the scientist employed by the aluminum industry to sell the idea.


To learn more about the adverse effects of ingesting fluoride and other related issues, please see the fluoride videos available here, or go to http://australianfluorideaction.com/, http://www.choicemountgambier.com/ or http://www.fluoridealert.org/.

Mount Gambier Residents:

Did you recieve the letter from Dr Tony Sherbon, Chief Executve of SA Health, and Dr Anne Howe, Chief Executive of SA Water, on Saturday, 9th October, in your Junk Mail? Are you angry that request to be heard was brushed aside by the statement "after some years of public discussion and consultation" or that your concerns about fluoride being linked to the onset of osteosarcoma (bone cancer), impairment of the thyroid and the pineal gland, and dental and sekeletal fluorosis, amongst other health conditions, were ignored in the Fluoridation Fact Sheet provided? Ann has drafted a suggested response to Dr Sherbon and Dr Howe, that can be download as Microsoft Word Document. A guide has also been prepared by Choice Mount Gambier which can be downloaded here. To C.c the letter to Ann, please address it to:

Hon Ann Bressinton MLC

Parliament House, North Tce



New Fluoride Website

A new website, Australian Fluoride Action, has recently gone online. The site provides summaries of and links to recent research and hosts several informative videos and statements from prominent professionals. It also gives you the option to register your vote to end water fluoridation.

Fluoride in the Media

Advertiser Article: Yet another example of this serious issue being trivialised by the media is Tory Shepherd's article on Ann's advocacy of removing fluoride from our water supply, entitled Be Afraid, There's Something Lurking in the Water. To read responses to this article by Ann and other prominent professionals, including Professor Paul Connett, click here.

Below are links to recent local articles in which which fluoridation has featured:

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To read radio transcripts from inteviews in which fluoride has been raised between since the 1 October 2010 on either 5AA 1395AM or ABC 891AM, please click here. Below is an excerpt from an interview by Leon Byner of Ann on the 1 October 2010:

Byner: This story is extraordinary. I’ve often said we live in a more privatised dictatorship. We think we’re living in a democracy … but the world is changing. Global companies and privatisation and corporatisation are starting to rule the roost and whether we like it or not it’s what we’re being given. Now most ordinary people would be shocked to know that the fluoride that is put into our water supply is not a pharmaceutical grade product but rather a toxic waste product of the aluminium and phosphate fertiliser industry that’s called Fluorosilic Acid. Now what is interesting … the European court of justice has ruled that when used in water supplies fluoride was then used as a medicine and not to improve water quality and that mass medication was unacceptable for reasons that you would understand. The dosage isn’t regulated for each individual, the frequency of use is not regulated, the necessity of the medication and so on. Now, sodium fluoride is dumped into our water supply because there is no cheaper method of disposal for the aluminium and phosphate industries. And yet, when we were sold … fluoride for your teeth, we all kind of thought – well, yeah, maybe. And there were some lone voices out there years ago that were saying, ‘hang on a minute, you mightn’t be doing the very smart thing’. … adverse effects to fluoride have been noted in peer-reviewed scientific and medical papers. And these are in the America Medical Journal. Now I mentioned a few … mental dullness; I’ve always said, ‘what’s in the water on North Terrace?’. This might explain it. Gastrointestinal problems. The dental fraternity agree that dental fluorosis is caused by over exposure to fluoride or fluoride toxicity. Increase in fractures, hyperactivity and attention deficit. So let’s talk to the person that rang the bell for me … Ann Bressington. … )  Leon, Mount Gambier is due to go online for water fluoridation of their Blue Lake at the end of October- there’s been a group down there called Choice who are protesting about this and trying to get the ear of the minister now for about three years. The minister has refused to meet with them and so has the public health official – so I was interested in this prior to that but I decided I would go down to Mount Gambier … the angst down there is just absolutely enormous. People just do not want this and they are going to be forced to drink this poison. … as the rest of us are already. (Byner: … this is a serious allegation … we have always assumed that the fluoridation of our water supply was for our good and for our dental health. What do you say?) Well the research is there - … doctor AK Sheshila of the [unclear] institute in India has written over 80 published papers on this and has identified from her practice and her medical career that it also has very, very harsh effects on the unborn child. In America now they issue warnings that baby formula should not be reconstituted with fluoridated water... (please click here for the full transcript).



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